The Roadmap

Incentive & Recognition Management Platform

Sodexo’s Motivation Platform integrates incentive and recognition programs uniting employees and optimizing motivation in the workplace.

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The Roadmap for Engagement and Quality of Life
Step 1. Discover
Understanding the dynamics of your workforce is critical to implementing successful solutions. Using proprietary tools and survey methods, executed by a Certified Recognition Specialist and combined with best practices, enables us to tailor a solution specific to your regions and markets.
Step 2. Design
Using information gathered during the discovery process, we design a program that delivers a consistent yet customized experience for your employees, one that provides the right type of recognition, delivered at the right time, with the right reward.
Step 3. Manage
Through an experienced account management team, we provide focus to program components that create value and are easily implemented. Innovative technology that facilitates engagement and promotes social interactions, targeted communications that drive usage, and reward and messaging options that are relevant, appropriate, offering choice, and evoking the right emotion to improve performance.
Step 4. Deliver
Regularly measuring program outcomes and results is critical to meeting organizational goals. We deliver performance management through establishing and monitoring key metrics and indicators, ongoing surveys, and careful analysis of program outputs, to capitalize on impactful activities and refresh those with lower levels of impact.

Did you know?

  • Value in Employee Recognition: VOI Is the New ROI

    ROI is a useful tool in program evaluation; however, we define a VOI model that accounts for both qualitative and quantitative impacts.

  • Our Approach

    We offer full recognition strategy consulting. Our Discover, Design, Manage and deliver approach increases employee engagement every day.

  • Extensive Rewards

    The Motivation Platform offers a wide range of recognition rewards that inspire and motivation.

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