Quality of Life

Sincere Appreciation

Frequent, timely, sincere appreciation motivate the workforce and develop a culture of recognition.

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A Strong Engagement Strategy Matters

At Sodexo, we know that the engagement, imagination and dedication of your employees will affect the quality and service you deliver for your clients. We look forward to a partnership that fosters your future growth, by recognizing behaviors that create a truly engaged workforce.

Sodexo's Quality of Life philosophy is applied in each aspect of our recognition strategy. As a result, our approach to recognition - and the array of communications that encompass recognition - is what set us apart from the competition.

We leverage proprietary research and market trends to develop best practices that lead the industry in the areas of:

Engagement | Recognition | Wellness | Safety

As well as the other areas that impact the wellbeing of our clients, their employees and the consumers that they serve.


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  • Free Analysis and Report

    You can receive a free custom "Reward and Recognition Program Evaluation and Recommendation" report.

  • We're experts

    For 30 years Sodexo has utilized its nearly 4,000 employees in 34 countries to deliver the most innovative incentives, recognition, benefits and rewards.

  • Framework for Recognition and Reward Management

    Explore how analyzing generational behavioral traits in your workforce can determine which recognitions and rewards would be most meaningful.

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