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Sodexo's approach to long-term employee engagement is built on key philosophies that put employees at the core. Our strategy combines five success factors to improve business productivity with a measurable return on investment:



Recognition should be part of a holistic approach integrated into all dimensions of Quality of Life.Our integrated Quality of Life approach drives engagement and ultimately improves organizational performance.


Partnership is Pivotal. End–to-end collaboration from discover through deliver and advocacy from both Sodexo and our partners fosters transparency, continuity and commitment. 


A well-designed and consistently deployed, multi- channel communication strategy creates awareness and drives participation. 


A rigorous and insightful discover and design process ensures the implementation of a targeted program with pre-defined, measurable objectives and established expectations for ongoing accountability.


Our program reflects the right balance between monetary and nonmonetary recognition to drive behaviors that contribute to organizational success while adhering to budgetary requirements. And, while we offer clients access to technology solutions, we also balance the reliance on technology, by treating it as an enabler of a well formulated corporate engagement strategy.




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    Creating a culture where employees feel encouraged and rewarded is one of best benefits an organization can offer.

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